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Ideas, dreams and schemes...

Hi , it's been a while.

I had different thoughts about what to write about. In the end I have decided to share some ideas and thoughts I am having for this coming month of December. Feel free to suggest or add your own ideas to the mix! I am thinking of doing a little Instagram photo project for the 24 days leading up to Christmas to capture an image that shows my gratitude for something or someone. I have decided that it's time to be more thankful. So please remind me to do this! Another idea is to start learning a Bible verse or a passage over time. The words of the Bible have played a foundational role in my life, it has definitely been an influence in the imagery I use for my writing.

....And I have an idea to write a song based on each book I am reading currently. I am a bit of a book worm so why not combine two or even three of my favourite things. Reading, writing and singing?!

So what are your ideas, dreams or schemes?

Any that you want to share?

Leave me a message ....

R x

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