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Moments inspired by a different world, nature awakens to speak new words.

The journey so far...

Call me a late bloomer; I started writing songs and playing the guitar over 20 years ago.


It wasn't until 2009 that I recorded my first EP " Homemade" which involved a drum kit, a viola, a  pair of tap shoes and a bicycle bell. Fast forward a few years to 2015, I started to write and record new songs in a garden shed with my guitar teacher at the time - Jules. This culminated in the album " Arboles"  (Trees). I enjoyed the creative process in the studio and I learnt so much about song-crafting during this time.


And now we are here- with "Flores" my latest project coming out of a bumpy year for everyone. I started recording a handful of songs just on the cusp of the first lockdown. I didn't even consider making an album at this point, I just thought let's take it a song at a time.  Nine songs later- and the album Flores was made. 

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