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This song was written during the first lockdown. I  felt a lot of anxiety and worry about the unknown at this time, maybe a common feeling for everyone. I was reminded of these verses in the Bible- Matthew 6 verses 25-34 about worry.

" ...See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin."  I was enjoying the flowers coming out from a long winter, and just seeing how they were not hindered or held back by the situation. A reminder from nature about how to be in any time or place....


I seem to look to nature a lot for my song lyrics. I was reflecting on how at night we see the stars but during the day we don't, yet somehow out there - the stars remain and people on the other side of the world are seeing them. The stars serve as a sign that there can be consistency and constancy. Light is always around, if we just wait for it to come.


I wrote this song whilst in a tricky relationship. I was hoping for a love that would last. And these words came to mind. It is a prayer- whether you may believe in God or not- I think we are all hoping that  there is a love that  will keep us going - forever. 

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