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Seekers and followers

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Hi! It's been a while. How have you been?

News flash!!

I have recently made a few changes to life as I know it: making more time and space for music and creative projects. I have been very blessed to be able to do this and had the chance to do some travelling as well.

Part of this new journey is thinking about ... YOU, the reader, the potential audience, friend, foe, critic or follower. How do I get your attention? How do I get those likes?

To be honest, I have found it a bit stressful and overwhelming- I am not the most in-your-face person so doing this "thing" aka the music and trying to get followers along the way is not my natural habitat.

And I also began to realise that friends and family are there , but they aren't necessarily your " fans". They have other , different roles to play and sometimes, its not about being a follower of my latest gig or song.

Also I was challenged by a reading from the Bible- John 10 describing Jesus as the Good Shepherd. We are to follow Him. So maybe this perspective needs a switch up- maybe I don't need to focus on who is following me but rather who am I following or seeking? Who is the one to follow?

And the answer is pretty much stated in these verses: " I am the good shepherd, I know my sheep and my sheep know me." (John 10 v14)

Of course, I do want people to follow my projects, my music but more importantly I want to be a sign post, an arrow pointing to the ultimate One to follow, to seek- Jesus. And for me, I need to check who I am following as sometimes I am looking backwards too much, trying to see who is behind me, rather than who is in front- leading the way ahead.

Keep me posted on your news,

Take care,


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